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Flower right but if it’s two to three hundred dollar fruit tree through all the good stuff in there take care you want to put your money absolutely and that will water this in and then we’re going to leave it alone this time of year we’re watering about once a week because it’s winter time January and of the Dead the trees are slowing down they don’t need a lot right now but then as we get into spring might be twice a week.

we start to warm up three times a week the nice thing about my soil it never dries out completely so even in the middle of the summer I can get away with watering once or twice a week depending on the size of the tree and how much soil is around the root ball and let me ask one more questions what are some of your favorite trees to grow in containers mangoes guavas loquacious have successful start for your starfruit sabbatical those types of trees inappropriate trees for containers would be mulberry okay olive Mooring okay anything that grows really fast they’re going to strut put it in the ground putt in the ground.

Now you could do those trees in the pots but they’re going to survive in the ground yes okay yeah this is great because I’m really interested in container growing and I never knew you can do that so this is a great video for those who are interested and want to know the skinny on the record tips that’s how we do it that’s all there is to it make sure to check us out on Instagram as Seamus underscore underscore I met Jake mace Hitachi and your website is what Phoenix fruit trees calm it’s still a little bit under construction at the moment we’ll have that done over the next but you have huge following on Facebook the shamelessness’s topic of fruit trees face that we update every day with information well thank you so much great information and I will see you guys all next time.